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Rent a Bounce House  in Connecticut 


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Jump N Bounce Fun

Designed by: Steven Lewis

* Fields marked with one star( * ) indicate that tax and delivery charges may apply.

Boxing Ring Rental

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Keep your chin tucked and pay attention.

Also, can double as a bounce house.

Velcro Wall Rental

This unit is a great work out. See if you got what it takes to stick too the wall. 

Boxing Ring

Jacobs Ladder

Velcro Wall

Joust Rental

Jacobs Ladder Rental

Climb your way to success on the Jacobs ladder. Beat your friends to the top and earn bragging rights.

Cash Cube Rental

Add some raffle tickets or money and let the fun begin! This will surely please the crowd and be  tons  of fun.

Zorb Ball Rental

Roll around your yard and add water for some more fun. Lets bring out the hamster in you.

* $250.00

* $250.00

* $300.00

$100 Add-on or *$150 non add-on

* $200.00

* $300.00

2 Person Joust Rental

Pick up a pole and keep your balance. The goal is to knock the other person off the pedestal.

Mix and match any two of the rental units for only *$500.00!

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