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Regular + Popcorn Machine


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Silver Screen, Projector, Speakers


Bounce House Combo:

Regular + Popcorn + 15x15 Bounce house


To obtain a film license, please follow these steps:

* Select the movie you would like to see.

* Movies are distributed through the following two companies www.swank.com or www.criterionpicusa.com 

      These two companies do not compete 85% of the movies are with swank and the other 15% are with criterionpicusa

* When ordering the movie request that it is in DVD format so that you are able to take full advantage of the best picture, quality and sound.

* The DVD will be shipped to you and you be required to ship it back.


      Note: This license is valid for one night viewing only. Disney and its subsidiaries have partially restricted use of their titles in indoor settings. Be sure to check with the distributors on those restrictions. 

K-12 Schools and Public Libraries - click on this website www.movlic.com

                          Movie screen and projector rental 

If you are hosting a party or event and you want to spend more time outside after dusk then look into this Silver screen and Projector rental. Watch a movie on a large screen inside of your back yard or a large area with all of your friends. 

This purchase includes the rental of one(1) Silver Screen projection unit, Projector, and Speakers.

                                         Film Licensing

In order to show a copyrighted movie either indoors or outdoors to the general public, a film license is required. However, if an indoor or outdoor movie is being hosted for family and friends on your own personal property, a film license is NOT required.

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