* $350

* $500

28 x 16 x 15 feet

* $350

Single Lane Slip 'n Slide

A great choice to let the kids cool down at any party! Run the water down the slide until the pool at the bottom is filled while they get a slippery-sliding splash into the pool! 

* $250

Who needs to go out to a water park when you can bring the park to you?

This is a must have for any summer party looking to cool off while having fun! Climb your way to the top then slide down and splash in to the pool at the end. Endless fun for that hot summer day.

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Spongebob Slip 'n Slide

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15 Foot Theme Slide

* $400

The Extreme Racer lets you bring the competition to the back yard to see who is the fastest! Great fun-in-the-sun action that will cool off the hot summer day and supply friendly entertainment!

* $300

Fireball Two lane Slip 'n Slide

Rent a Bounce House  in Connecticut 


Summer Splash Water Slide

This is a favorite among the children at a party! A fun slide that will keep them bust all day long and more! A sooth slip 'n slide that ends with a splash in the pool of water.

Race your friends side by side to the pool at the end of this slip 'n slide. Get a running start and fly through a lane and splash at the end in a competitive race between you and a friend! You can add baby shampoo to get the ultimate sliding boost!

Dolphins Cove

Enjoy this Single Lane Slip 'n Slide at any summer party of yours! Get a running start and slide your way down to splash in the pool at the end! You can add baby shampoo to maximize your slide speed!

Extreme Racer Water Slide

* $350

Designed by: Steven Lewis

Jump N Bounce Fun

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An excellent choice for a themed party on a beautiful summer day!

Add any theme banner we offer to this water slide! Theme banners can be found on This Page!